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Renarte offers a single window options to all your hospitality supply needs

Founded in Dubai in 2005, Renarte has since become a leader in hospitality distribution. Offering our clients products from our extensive and carefully selected portfolio, we truly stand out from the rest.

Our core business lies in the hospitality supplies. In this area we have an exhaustive product range starting from complete kitchenware to crockery and cutlery, we have unique selection of tabletop items, tableare, porcelain, glassware and flatware. In addition, we offer catering equipment, bar and stewarding equipment and a wide range of bed, bath and table linen. We are known for our focus on quality. We have forged alliances with premier manufacturers in Europe, the far east and the United States. We have exclusive trading agreements with many of our manufacturing for the regions we trade in. Our expertise and experience in hospitality services accords us the privilege to offer consultancy and support service to give your business and edge.



Tabletop decor plays a key role in hospitality industry and it enhances the overall experience of your customers during their staycation.

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Renarte has been successfully pursuing hotel amenities supply and services for many years with the essential products that our clients demand.


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As a responsible hospitality supplier in Canada, we have set a few criteria when it comes to partnering with reputed brands. Check out the top-notch brands we work with.

“When considering a dish as a Chef, it’s not only about the actual food itself, but the quality of plate ware as well. We source the highest quality ingredients for our restaurants, and they deserve to be plated on a high quality plate ware. I have used Renarte for plates over the years and count on them to provide timeless design and high quality plate ware, a perfect complement to the dishes I create. From elegant modern designs, to artisanal handmade plates, they are the go to for chefs”

– Chef Stuart Cameron –
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