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The table tops must be adorned with the most demanding cutleries and other eating implements […]



Let the table tops be filled with the most wanted dinnerware set such as Dinner […]



Make every event a special occasion, especially when your guests dine. Let it be specially […]



Placemats protect the table from water marks, food stains or any heat damage. They may […]

Table Linens

Table Linens

A tablecloth is used not only to cover the table, but to keep the table […]



To have a sumptuous feat would be one of the prime choices of your guests […]

Why we are on the TOP?

Tabletop decor plays a key role in hospitality industry and it enhances the overall experience of your customers during their staycation. Renarte – the best tabletop supplier in Canada, distributes amazing tabletops for our most demanding customers as we make sure that all these products have been manufactured with matchless durability, seamless designs along with flexible selection of materials. We are very confident that we distribute quality table top amenities perfect for your guests and suitable for the environment. We have a skilled team of professionals who together have enabled Renarte to leap forward and specialize in distributing finest tabletop products for our exclusive clients.

We are fully equipped to cater all the requirements of our most valued customers while assuring quality at its best. Volume is not our concern as we have an array of dealers who are facilitated to give you only the best products. Since we are doing good business, we are capable to deliver all relevant products you order upon receiving the orders.

Wish to excite your guests with finest tabletops?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Renarte Canada different to other Table Top suppliers?

Unlike others, Renarte will be sourcing products like commercial tabletops along with restaurant tables directly from top-class product manufacturers and this is done to avoid agents. Our logistic policy is also different from others. We ensure faster shipping of products and we are deeply in connection with the changing trends in technological advancement. We have a team of professionals who work 24×7 for you and that makes us confident enough.

How is Renarte Canada different to procurement consultancies?

Our policy matters. Since we own our own supply chain and logistic policy, we deliver items to the customers directly through the manufacturers without the help of middle-men. In fact, we are working like a consultancy that helps clients to get their products on time, that too with free of cost. We just want your generous feedback in return.

How does the service work exactly?

  • Taking our own time to know about your product preferences
  • Working with you to understand product specifications
  • Research widely to get you the best available options that meet your requirements
  • Sending only the best options to check with you
  • Confirming by sending samples and check whether they fit your requirements
  • If you are fine with the samples, we will work together to finalise a trading agreement
  • Delivering products to the specified location

What kind of products can I buy?

You can opt for any kind of table top products from Renarte. We are all set to get you only the best. We have our own criteria on listing out the products. We only prioritize top-notch manufacturers as we serve only for reputed organizations and we potentially source all kind of table top amenities exclusively for the hospitality industry.

How can you be cheaper than the alternatives but still provide the same or better quality?

We have facilities across the country to make a direct deal with product manufacturers. As we strive the best to ensure a long-term relationship with our clients, we always make sure that our distribution chain as well as the customer service are first-class that in turn impacts our values

Is there any quality control?

Yes. We always check the product quality to ensure that they meet the standards we as well as our customer’s demand. For that, we insist our manufacturers to add more value to all their products and also to check whether they are able to deliver authentic records on full product traceability and safety.

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